What is another word for injudicious?

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When describing someone's behavior or actions as injudicious, it's often useful to have a variety of synonyms on hand to ensure that the intended meaning is clear. Some possible synonyms include imprudent, unwise, thoughtless, reckless, and heedless. Other options might include foolhardy, impulsive, hasty, precipitate, or ill-considered, each of which conveys a slightly different shade of meaning. Ultimately, the best synonym will depend on the context in which it is being used, as well as the specific nuance of meaning that the writer or speaker wishes to convey to their intended audience.

Related words: reckless, unconsidered, unwise, rash

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  • What does injudicious mean?

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    The word "injudicious" refers to actions or decisions that are unwise, imprudent or ill-conceived. To find antonyms, we can look for words that imply good judgment, wisdom, or thoughtfulness. Some antonyms for "injudicious" could be "prudent," "judicious," "wise," "thoughtful," "considerate," "diplomatic," "rational," "logical," "sensible," or "discerning." These words imply a careful and deliberate approach to decision-making that takes into account all relevant factors and avoids unnecessary risks or mistakes. By choosing to act with these qualities in mind, we can demonstrate the opposite of injudiciousness and achieve better outcomes in our personal and professional lives.

    Usage examples for Injudicious

    It is, however, possible to make an injudicious use of these books, and by so doing to miss the fine point of many a pleasure.
    "Afoot in England"
    W.H. Hudson
    Mrs. Sales Wilson's endeavour to intercept that cat had been prompt and injudicious.
    "Somehow Good"
    William de Morgan
    It appears as part of the same story as the benefit derived from judicious, and the mischief from injudicious, crossing; and this, in its turn, is seen as part of the same story, as the good we get from change of air and scene when we are overworked.
    "Luck or Cunning?"
    Samuel Butler

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