What is another word for paradoxical?

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Paradoxical is a term used to describe something that is seemingly contradictory yet still possible. Synonyms for the word "paradoxical" include enigmatic, ambiguous, conflicting, ironic, and oxymoronic. Enigmatic refers to something that is mysterious and difficult to understand. Ambiguous describes something that has multiple meanings or interpretations. Conflicting means that two ideas or situations are in opposition to each other. Ironic is a term used to describe something that is unexpected or contrary to what was expected. Oxymoronic refers to something that combines two contradictory terms, such as "jumbo shrimp." Each of these words can convey the same sense of paradoxical meaning interchangeably.

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    The use of paradoxical in speech or writing usually means something that is unusual or unexpected. In grammar, a paradox is a statement that appears to be in contradiction with itself. Paradoxical expressions often create a heightened sense of awareness, making a point more emphatic. In philosophy, a paradox is a statement that appears to be in contradiction with itself, but may in fact be true. A famous example is the philosopher's quandary: "Is a round square?" A paradox may be amusing or poignant, but it is often hard to understand or accept.

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