What is another word for carve?

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[ k_ˈɑː_v], [ kˈɑːv], [ kˈɑːv]

Synonyms for Carve:

sculpt (verb) cut into eastern poison oak Other synonyms: sculpture

Rhymes for Carve:

  1. starve;

Quotes for Carve:

  1. As I said, I had no publisher for What a Carve Up! while I was writing it, so all we had to live off was my wife's money and little bits I was picking up for journalism. Jonathan Coe.
  2. We carve out risk -free lives where nothing happens. James Hillman.
  3. Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall. Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Idioms of Carve:

  1. carve sth into sth;
  2. carve sth up;
  3. carve out sth;