What is another word for squares?

Pronunciation: [skwˈe͡əz] (IPA)

Squares are four-sided, equilateral polygons, but there are many synonyms used to describe this shape. A square is often referred to as a quadrate, meaning "to have four equal sides." Some people might use the term "rectilinear" to describe squares since they have angles that are 90 degrees. Another term for a square is "quadrilateral," which indicates that the shape has four sides. The term "tetragon" is another synonym for square, which means a four-sided polygon. Additionally, some people might use the word "cubed" to describe squares since they appear as three-dimensional cubes when stacked together. There are many words to use when referring to squares, but they all describe the same shape.

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Usage examples for Squares

Notwithstanding the populous character of the city, the avenues and squares have a rather deserted aspect in many sections, but this is mainly owing to their extraordinary size.
"Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia"
Maturin M. Ballou
The streets of those melancholy squares seen beneath flickering lamp light and a wan moon protest against all gaiety of spirit and urge resignation and a mournful acquiescence.
Hugh Walpole
It is shut in by all the other Bloomsbury squares and is further than any of them from the lights and traffic of popular streets.
Hugh Walpole

Famous quotes with Squares

  • The graceful Georgian streets and squares, a series of steel engravings under a wet sky.
    Shana Alexander
  • This city has many public squares, in which are situated the markets and other places for buying and selling.
    Hernando Cortes
  • We are a nation in which freedom is alive in the squares and streets, in the daily work of the communications media, in the open relationship between the governing and the governed.
    Vicente Fox
  • We must say that there are as many squares as there are numbers.
    Galileo Galilei
  • The squares of the periodic times are to each other as the cubes of the mean distances.
    Johannes Kepler

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