What is another word for courts?

Pronunciation: [kˈɔːts] (IPA)

There are several synonyms for the word "courts" depending on the context in which it is being used. In a legal context, synonyms for courts include "tribunals", "judiciary", and "justice system". In a sports context, synonyms for courts include "field", "pitch", and "arena". In a romantic context, synonyms for courts include "woo", "flirt", and "romance". In a royal context, synonyms for courts include "palace", "assembly", and "entourage". Each synonym carries a unique connotation and helps to illustrate the various ways in which the word "courts" can be used in different situations.

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What are the hypernyms for Courts?

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Usage examples for Courts

It is not easily credible that one whom we can carry before our courts is to judge all men.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I"
Marcus Dods
My dear, unless the Elder sees him as we see him, the thing will have to be tried out in the courts.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
You haven't got any papers from the courts on you?
"The Greater Power"
Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton

Famous quotes with Courts

  • CBS exhausted the Texas courts. They went from the trial court to the intermediate court to the highest court.
    Floyd Abrams
  • So sometimes the facts are good and sometimes the facts are bad, the important thing from the point of view of a principle as broad and important as freedom of speech is that the courts articulate and set forth in a very protective way what those principles are.
    Floyd Abrams
  • The question at the end of the day was, the courts having found there was no defense, a producer about to go to jail, should CBS in effect tell the producer go to jail even though there is no law at all that we can use to get you out of jail?
    Floyd Abrams
  • The Supreme Court and courts in general have been usurping the role of the legislative branch of government.
    Todd Akin
  • They know, the courts know, the people know that they have no way of changing the results as it affects them.
    Kenneth Blackwell

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