What is another word for Intendant?

Pronunciation: [ɪntˈɛndənt] (IPA)

Intendant can be replaced with various synonyms depending on the context of the word usage. Manager, supervisor, controller, director, overseer, administrator, commander, chief, superintendent, and governor can be used as synonyms for intendant. These words refer to a person who has a higher rank or authority that directs and manages a project, organization, or institution. In some cases, intendant can also be interchanged with words like mayor, negotiator, commissioner, or diplomat, depending on the setting or situation. In general, the synonyms for intendant emphasize the role of an influential or powerful person who is accountable for overseeing the operations of a group or community.

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Usage examples for Intendant

Moreover, the Intendant was ordered to furnish whatever stores, artillery, etc.
"The Blue Pavilions"
Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
He there received the appointment of Intendant of military stores which office was subsequently long and ably filled by his son Callender.
"Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution"
L. Carroll Judson
He advanced to meet the Intendant, and asked for the contract between Barbarina and himself.
"Berlin and Sans-Souci"
Louise Muhlbach

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