What is another word for interpreting?

Pronunciation: [ɪntˈɜːpɹɪtɪŋ] (IPA)

Interpreting refers to the act of translating and explaining language or meaning from one form to another. However, there are many other synonyms for interpreting. Some of these words include translating, deciphering, decoding, elucidating, explaining, and clarifying. Each of these words means the same thing, and they add a different element to the concept of interpreting. Translating is more focused on changing the literal language, while elucidating is more about clarifying or making something easier to understand. Deciphering is like solving a code, and decoding is similar to deciphering. Explaining and clarifying are more general synonyms for interpreting and can apply to many situations.

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Usage examples for Interpreting

She was afraid to listen long, afraid of what this communicating, interpreting murmur might do with her reason.
"The Pioneers"
Katharine Susannah Prichard
Kazem was strong and being a force that could reckon with the world physically, he engendered in others an instinct rife in interpreting powerful figures such as him as a prime breeding experience.
"Corpus of a Siam Mosquito"
Steven Sills
If, on the other hand, Shakespeare's originality, whatever it may have been, was shown by his power of interpreting the thoughts of his own age, then we can learn something from studying the social and intellectual position of his contemporaries.
"English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century"
Leslie Stephen

Famous quotes with Interpreting

  • Obviously the biggest change is that it's me by myself. When you don't have another band interpreting your songs or playing them the way that they have, it's bound to sound different.
    Nuno Bettencourt
  • Woodrow Wilson called for leaders who, by boldly interpreting the nation's conscience, could lift a people out of their everyday selves. That people can be lifted into their better selves is the secret of transforming leadership.
    James MacGregor Burns
  • Not to oversimplify it, somebody once said a good rule of thumb in interpreting a character is to find the good in the bad people that you portray and the bad in the good.
    Gabriel Byrne
  • Every religion is true one way or another. It is true when understood metaphorically. But when it gets stuck in its own metaphors, interpreting them as facts, then you are in trouble.
    Joseph Campbell
  • I think that there are changes that have occurred in technology that make is that more people can have the same level of information that I have. My advantage is that I'm very good at interpreting the information.
    Jim Cramer

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