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Definition is a term used to describe a statement that explains the meaning of something. Synonyms for definition might include clarification, explanation, interpretation, meaning, description, and delineation. These words all refer to the act of explaining something in clear and concise terms. Different words for definition might be used depending on the context or subject matter being discussed. For example, in a scientific context, the word 'explanation' might be preferred, whereas in a literary context, 'interpretation' might be more appropriate. Ultimately, the goal of all of these synonyms is to help the reader or listener understand the meaning of a concept or idea.

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How to use "Definition" in context?

The word "definition" comes from the Latin word "definire", which means "to set forth, to distinguish." A definition is a objective explanation of a word or phrase. A definition can be found in a dictionary, encyclopedia, or other source of knowledge. Definitions can be classified according to the nature of the explanation. In linguistics, a definition is a set of rules that determines the meanings of words in a language. In logic, a definition is an explicit statement of the meaning of a word or phrase. A definition can also be an example of a truth condition.

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