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Paraphrase is a commonly used word in a variety of settings such as academic writing, journalism, and law. The word means to rephrase a text or to convey the same message in a different way. While paraphrasing is an important skill to have, it's also essential to know its synonyms to enhance your writing style and avoid repetition. Some of the commonly used synonyms for paraphrase include reword, restate, rephrase, summarize, interpret, rehash, reiterate, and put in other words. All these synonyms convey the same message but add a variety of styles and nuances to the writing. Hence, knowing the synonyms for paraphrase can help you express your ideas more effectively and produce sophisticated written work.

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How to use "Paraphrase" in context?

Paraphrase is a word meaning "to remake or restate in a new or different form." It is one of the most basic tools for writing, and it is essential for any writer who wants to be effective and efficient. paraphrase can be used to capture the essence of a text, to create a new, original work, or to accurately represent the original text.

Paraphrase can also be a helpful tool for critiquing and assessing writing. By analyzing a paraphrase, readers can get a sense for how well the author captured the original text, assessed the situation and topic, and communicated their ideas.

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