What is another word for projecting?

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Projecting is a verb that typically refers to something that protrudes or extends outward from a given surface or structure. Synonyms for projecting might include words such as jutting, extending, protruding, poking out, or sticking out. These words all refer to the same basic concept of something that extends or protrudes outward from a given space or surface. Other synonyms for projecting might include words such as overhanging, looming, or advancing, all of which suggest movement or a sense of forward momentum. Ultimately, whether used in the context of architecture, art, or even psychology, synonyms for projecting underscore the idea of extension or outward growth.

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    How to use "Projecting" in context?

    Most people have heard the term "projecting" before, but they may not really understand what it means. In psychology, projecting is the act of transferring one's own feelings, thoughts, or qualities onto another person or object. It can be, in some cases, an unconscious process.

    Projecting can be helpful in problem-solving, because it allows us to analyze the situation from a fresh perspective. Sometimes, however, we project our negative feelings onto others, which can lead to conflict. We can also project our own qualities onto others, which can be helpful in building relationships.

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