What is another word for pigment?

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Pigment is a term used to describe the natural or synthetic colorants that are used in various industries to impart color to different products such as paints, inks, fabrics, cosmetic products, and more. Synonyms for pigment can vary depending on the application in which they are used. In the art world, colorant, dye and hue are common synonyms for pigment. In the cosmetics industry, tint or hue may be used while in the manufacturing industry, colorant, chroma or colorant dye may be used. Ultimately, whether the product in question requires pigmentation or coloring, the purpose of these synonyms is to describe the materials used to create a variety of shades, hues and colors.

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    Imagine a world without pigment. Life might look the same, but the colors would be muted and muted isn't the same as dull. There would be no bright oranges, no deep purple, no blinding white.

    No matter how creative someone might be, they would be limited to the palette available to them. Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to create all of the colors that are so essential to our everyday lives?

    That's where pigment comes in. It's a substance that is used to create colors in paint, fabric, and other materials.

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