What is another word for rouge?

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Rouge is a popular word that is commonly used to refer to the reddish-brown color or makeup item. However, there are many other synonyms for this word that can be used to describe various shades and hues. Some of the synonyms for the word rouge include crimson, scarlet, cherry, burgundy, wine, maroon, ruby, and garnet. These synonyms are great to use when you are looking to add some variety to your writing or conversation. Moreover, they can help you to describe different shades and tones of the color red, allowing you to be more descriptive and expressive in your language.

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How to use "Rouge" in context?

Rouge is a color that is often used in makeup. Rouge can be used to add color to the cheeks, lips, or eyes. It can also be used to give an occassionally desired highlight to the face.

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      khmer, rogge.

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