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Legation refers to an official diplomatic mission or delegation, usually representing a country or government. Synonyms for legation include embassy, delegation, mission, consulate, and representation. All of these terms describe a group of individuals who are authorized to act on behalf of their government in a foreign country. While embassy and consulate are more commonly associated with diplomatic relations, they can also be used interchangeably with legation. Similarly, delegation and mission refer to the same concept, but delegation is often used in a more formal or legal context. All of these terms are useful for describing various aspects of diplomatic relations and interactions between nations.

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The term "legation" is defined as a diplomatic mission from one country to another. The envoy who is hired to represent the country is typically called the ambassador, although there are other variants. The purpose of a legation is to provide an effective avenue for communication between countries. The diplomat may also be tasked with conducting negotiations or representing the interests of his or her country.

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