What is another word for legato?

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Legato is a musical term used to describe a smooth, connected style of playing. There are several synonyms for legato that can be used to describe this style, including cantabile, leggiero, and slur. Cantabile refers to a singing style of playing, emphasizing beauty and expressiveness. Leggiero, on the other hand, emphasizes lightness and gracefulness, usually used to describe a fast and delicate legato. Slur is a term used to describe two or more notes played in a smooth, connected manner, often used in sheet music to indicate a legato style. Regardless of the synonym used, a legato playing style is essential for creating a beautiful and expressive sound.

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What are the hypernyms for Legato?

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What are the opposite words for legato?

Legato, the musical term used to indicate a smooth and connected style of playing or singing, has several antonyms that indicate a different approach to playing or singing. The opposites of legato are generally the terms used to describe playing styles that are staccato, or short and detached. The most common antonyms for legato are terms like 'choppy', 'disjointed' and 'broken'. These words are used to describe the opposite of the smooth and flowing legato style. Other antonyms for legato could include words like 'jagged', 'rough' or 'interrupted'. Overall, these antonyms describe a playing style that is intended to be fast and choppy in order to create a dramatic contrast with the flowing legato style.

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Usage examples for Legato

To sing legato is one thing; to sing strisciato is another.
"Style in Singing"
W. E. Haslam
Gazing down upon her a moment, he said in his soft legato: "I am almost angry at you for being so beautiful, after having taken yourself to other lovers, Ma belle."
"Madeline Payne, the Detective's Daughter"
Lawrence L. Lynch
The thin, bent, elastic stick of the bow, with its greater length of sweep, gives the modern player incalculable advantages over those of an earlier age, enabling him to follow out the slightest gradations of tone from the fullest forte to the softest piano, to mark all kinds of strong and gentle accents, to execute staccato, legato, saltato, and arpeggio passages with the greatest ease and certainty.
"Great Violinists And Pianists"
George T. Ferris

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