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Devolution refers to the transfer of power or authority from a central government to regional or local governments. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe devolution, such as decentralization, delegation, delegation of power, and distribution of powers. Decentralization is the process of moving decision-making and administrative responsibilities from a central authority to regional or local authorities. Delegation is the act of giving someone else the power to act or make decisions on one's behalf. The delegation of power is the process of transferring power or authority from higher-level offices to lower-level offices. Distribution of powers refers to the allocation of powers or authorities to different branches or levels of government.

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Devolution is the process of transferring power from the central government in a developed country to regional or local governments.

Devolution occurred in a number of countries in the 20th century, spurred by factors such as World War I and II, the growth of the welfare state, and the perceived failures of centralization. It is generally seen as a successful policy tool, as it has been credited with increasing autonomy and improving the quality of governance in target areas.

There are a variety of different models of devolution, with varying levels of power and responsibility assigned to regional and local governments.

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