What is another word for slot?

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The word "slot" is a term typically used to describe a narrow opening or a space designed to accommodate a particular object. However, there are many other words that can be used as synonyms for "slot". For instance, the word "slit" can be used for narrow openings, while "groove" and "channel" are typically used to describe a long, narrow hollow space. The word "hole" can also be used as a synonym for "slot" in some cases. Additionally, words like "socket", "notch", and "bore" can also be used to define a space or opening that accommodates a specific object. So, depending on the context, there are many options to choose from when looking for synonyms for the word "slot".

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    Usage examples for Slot

    Hayes dropped the ordinary key back into its slot, and pushed the E key to open.
    "Eight Keys to Eden"
    Mark Irvin Clifton
    You got us in the right place, Louie, but probably in the wrong time slot.
    "Eight Keys to Eden"
    Mark Irvin Clifton
    "We're in the right time slot, then," Tom said, with an attempt to pick up the spirit of treating it lightly.
    "Eight Keys to Eden"
    Mark Irvin Clifton

    Famous quotes with Slot

    • My father was a promoter of Fresh Fest, and they needed an opening act. He got me a slot as a dancer. We tried it out the first time in Atlanta and the crowd went crazy. I was the opening clown.
      Jermaine Dupri
    • The payoffs in showbiz seemed as random as a slot machine.
      Kathie Lee Gifford
    • If I'm going to do something a little bit more adult, I'll do it if it's going to be on at a different time slot or if it's going to be something that kids won't be able to get their hands on.
      Melissa Joan Hart
    • Yes, I would love to play one of the leads in one these movies and have all those challenges and deal with all those complications, but the business being what it is, there is a slot for me in these kinds of films, so I enjoy them, and I enjoy the people that I work with.
      Joe Morton
    • This genre of music seems to want to push people into a certain time slot, which is unfortunate.
      Juice Newton

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