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When evaluating something or forming an opinion on a matter, the word "deem" is commonly used. However, there are other synonymous terms that can be used to express the same idea. "Consider" is a popular alternative which suggests the gravity of a situation, while "regard" implies a level of respect. "Esteem" carries a sense of admiration or worthiness, while "believe" suggests faith or confidence in a matter. "Judge" indicates the act of assessing or weighing a matter and "perceive" suggests a sense of realization or acknowledgment. Understanding these different synonyms for the word "deem" allows for a wider range of vocabulary to convey thoughts and opinions.

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How to use "Deem" in context?

Deem meaning to determine, to conclude, and to think that something is the case are all similar in their meaning. Deem can all be used interchangeably in sentences, although there is a slightly different connotation with each term. Deem generally means to come to a judgment or conclusion about something. For example, you might deem something to be the case when you reach a decision or when you believe that something is true. Deem can also be used when you are trying to decide what to do or when you are thinking about something. Deem can also be used to describe how you feel about something.

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