What is another word for designate?

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[ d_ˈɛ_z_ɪ_ɡ_n_ˌeɪ_t], [ dˈɛzɪɡnˌe͡ɪt], [ dˈɛzɪɡnˌe‍ɪt]

Synonyms for Designate:

authorize (verb) categorize (verb) delegate (verb) indicate (verb) name (verb) Other synonyms:

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Quotes for Designate:

  1. I think we ought to ban earmarks. I think we ought to give citizens the opportunity to designate up to 10 percent of their federal income tax toward debt reduction. If we did that, we would reduce our debt by $95 billion a year. Carly Fiorina.
  2. Our resolution urges all Latin American and Caribbean countries to designate al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad as terrorist organizations. Tom Lantos.
  3. We have said the first step was to designate the land, inform the owners. And the second would be to get the responses from the owners. And this will be openly done. Robert Mugabe.

Idioms of Designate:

  1. designate sm or sth as sth;