What is another word for adjudge?

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Adjudge is a verb that means to give a decision or judgement about something. Some synonyms for adjudge include determine, decide, conclude, rule, pronounce, and decree. All these words imply the act of making a judgement or resolving a dispute through a judgement. For example, a judge adjudge a case after reviewing the evidence and coming to a decision. In everyday language, we might use "conclude" to say, "I have concluded that the project will not be completed before the deadline." Similarly, "decide" might be used to say, "After much discussion, we decided to cancel the event".

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How to use "Adjudge" in context?

Adjudge is a verb meaning to decide or determine something. The noun form is a judge. A judge is someone who is responsible for making decisions about justice in a court of law. They usually have training in law and ethics. They decide what evidence to use, how to read the law, and what penalties to give.

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