What is another word for nutriment?

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[ njˈuːtɹɪmənt], [ njˈuːtɹɪmənt], [ n_j_ˈuː_t_ɹ_ɪ_m_ə_n_t]

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    Synonyms for Nutriment:

    How to use "Nutriment" in context?

    Nutriment refers to any substance that is needed by an organism to sustain life. This includes both the necessary building blocks and food sources needed by the organism to carry out its metabolic processes. Some of the essential elements that make up a nutrient are carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and vitamins.

    There are many different types of nutrients, each with their own specific functions in the body. Carbohydrates are essential for energy production, proteins are important for tissue growth and healing, lipids are used for insulation and for regulating other hormones, and vitamins are essential for the functioning of the immune system and other bodily systems.

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