What is another word for substantive?

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[ səbstˈantɪv], [ səbstˈantɪv], [ s_ə_b_s_t_ˈa_n_t_ɪ_v]

How to use "Substantive" in context?

When a person is talking about a substantive difference, they are referring to the underlying meaning or essence of the topic at hand. There is a lot of debate surrounding what is and isn't a substantive difference, but one common definition is that a substantive difference is something that is real and has a real impact. For example, liberals argue that the government should provide more services to the poor, while conservatives argue that the government should be less involved in the economy. These are two very different positions with different substantive implications.

Another example of a substantive difference is gun policy.

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Hypernym for Substantive:

  • n.

    • communication

Hyponym for Substantive:

  • n.

    • communication

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