What is another word for on deck?

Pronunciation: [ˌɒn dˈɛk] (IPA)

"On deck" is a term used to describe the next in line or someone who is prepared and ready to go. There are several synonyms for this term that can be used interchangeably in different contexts. One such synonym is "at the ready," which means to be prepared or poised for action. Another synonym is "in waiting," which implies that the person or thing is waiting to be called upon or used. "Next up" is another alternative, particularly in sports when referring to the next player up to bat or take a turn. Other synonyms for "on deck" include "next in line" or "upcoming." These synonyms help to add variety to our language and allow us to express ourselves in different ways.

Synonyms for On deck:

What are the hypernyms for On deck?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for on deck?

The phrase "on deck" typically refers to a person or a thing that is next in line or ready to take action. Some antonyms for the term may include "off deck," indicating that something or someone is not in line or not ready to take action. Alternatively, "delayed" or "postponed" could be antonyms for "on deck," suggesting that there will be a delay in taking the next step. Another possible antonym could be "behind schedule" because if something or someone is behind schedule, they are not ready to move on to the next task. Overall, antonyms for "on deck" suggest a delay or a lack of readiness.

Famous quotes with On deck

  • On the 17th of May, the Delos put out to sea. I was immediately affected with sea-sickness, which, however, lasted but a short time. I remained on deck constantly, forcing myself to exercise.
    John James Audubon
  • Lennon was not very fond of me. Lennon didn't like to be around somebody else who was likely to be the center of attention and didn't like being on deck with somebody who was intellectually as hot as he was.
    Peter Fonda
  • I cannot in good conscience ask my colleagues to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining my past. We need all hands on deck, fighting for the future.
    Van Jones
  • I advise keeping four feet on the floor and all hands on deck.
    Ann Landers
  • I just love the feeling from the fans and when I'm walking on deck I can hear people screaming and wishing you the best. That puts you into the game more than anything.
    David Ortiz

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