What is another word for admissible?

Pronunciation: [ɐdmˈɪsəbə͡l] (IPA)

The word "admissible" refers to something that is allowed or acceptable within certain rules or guidelines. Synonyms for this term may include "permissible," "allowable," or "acceptable." Other related words may include "valid," "legitimate," or "credible." These words signify that something meets certain standards and is deemed appropriate for consideration. Conversely, antonyms for "admissible" may include "prohibited," "disallowed," or "unacceptable." It is important to choose the appropriate synonym within its context, ensuring that the intended meaning is accurately conveyed.

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What are the opposite words for admissible?

Admissible is a term used to describe something that is allowed or permitted. Its antonyms, on the other hand, refer to things that are not acceptable or cannot be permitted. Some of the common antonyms of admissible include inadmissible, rejected, forbidden, barred, banned, prohibited, disallowed, denied, and illegal. Inadmissible means not allowed or considered unacceptable in a specific context, while rejected refers to something that has been refused or dismissed. Forbidden implies that certain actions, behaviors or things are prohibited by law or custom. Similarly, barred, banned, prohibited, disallowed, and denied all suggest that specific things or actions are restricted or not allowed in a particular situation.

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Usage examples for Admissible

"Well," he said, "since plain speaking seems admissible, you are probably aware that Laura Waynefleet has nothing beyond a kindly interest in me.
"The Greater Power"
Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton
Alison regretted that she laughed, but she felt that Florence's attitude toward the man had rendered the thrust admissible, and she saw a faint smile in Hunter's eyes.
"A Prairie Courtship"
Harold Bindloss
In November, 1914, an advertisement appeared in the Dublin Evening Mail announcing that a new Dublin Company of the Royal Irish Fusiliers was to be formed to which none but Unionists were admissible, intending recruits being directed to apply at the Orange Hall.
"The Evolution of Sinn Fein"
Robert Mitchell Henry

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