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Subjective is a word that is often used to describe something that is based on personal opinions rather than concrete facts. When you are writing or speaking, it is important to have a variety of words to use instead of repeating the same word over and over again. Some synonyms for subjective include personal, individual, biased, emotional, and impressionistic. These words can help you convey the same idea but in a slightly different way, allowing you to add nuance and depth to your language. By incorporating synonyms for subjective into your writing, you can make it more engaging, interesting, and effective.

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How to use "Subjective" in context?

Subjectivity, or the subjective experience of a thing or event, is a cornerstone of many philosophical thoughts. In some ways, it is the defining characteristic of human experience. Subjectivity is often seen as a weakness in philosophical arguments, as it cannot always be verified and is not always easily measurable. However, many philosophers argue that it is a key part of human experience, as it forces us to think about things in a different way than we would if subjective experience did not exist.

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