What is another word for positivistic?

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[ pˌɒzɪtɪvˈɪstɪk], [ pˌɒzɪtɪvˈɪstɪk], [ p_ˌɒ_z_ɪ_t_ɪ_v_ˈɪ_s_t_ɪ_k]

"Positivistic" is an adjective that refers to a specific philosophical belief system that regards only scientific and empirical methods as valid sources of knowledge. If you are looking for synonyms for this word, you might also consider using terms like scientific, realist, empiricist, or rationalist. Other possible alternatives could include logical, evidence-based, or objective. These words all share a common theme of relying on logic, data, and scientific evidence to support their claims. Whether you are debating scientific research, exploring new theories, or simply trying to articulate your own ideas, these synonyms can help you convey your thoughts with clarity and precision.

Synonyms for Positivistic:

How to use "Positivistic" in context?

A philosophy or worldview informed by the idea that objective reality exists independently of human thought or experience and can be known via reason alone. This philosophy is often contrasted with other worldviews, such as philosophical idealism, in which the existence of objective reality is contingent on human thought or experience. Positivism posit that natural sciences are the most trustworthy source of objective knowledge.

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