What is another word for magisterial?

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Magisterial is an adjective that can be used to describe someone or something that is authoritative, confident, or commanding in manner. Some synonyms for magisterial include authoritative, commanding, imposing, and confident. Other synonyms include grandiose, majestic, powerful, and dignified. Magisterial can also be used in the sense of being related to or characteristic of a master teacher or scholar, in which case synonyms might include learned, scholarly, erudite, or knowledgeable. Whatever context it is used in, the word magisterial conveys a sense of authority and expertise.

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How to use "Magisterial" in context?

The word "magisterial" has had a long, prestigious history in the English language. A magisterial text is one that is authoritative and deep. Originally, "magister" meant one who was well-educated and qualified to teach. Eventually, the word came to be used to describe the quality of a work that is authoritative, serious, and impressive.

When used in reference to a judge, magisteriality refers to the level of expertise, judgment, and fairness exhibited during a court hearing. This Term describes not only the qualities of the judge, but also the setting in which the judgment was rendered.

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