What is another word for processing?

Pronunciation: [pɹˈə͡ʊsɛsɪŋ] (IPA)

Processing is a broad term used to describe the manipulation, handling, and management of various types of data. When it comes to finding synonyms for the word processing, there are several options that can be used depending on the specific context. Here are a few alternatives: - Handling: refers to the act of dealing with something in a particular way - Managing: means to take control of something and direct it according to a particular set of rules or standards - Manipulating: involves altering or transforming data in various ways - Operating: refers to the actions taken to make something function correctly - Sorting: means categorizing data according to specific criteria Overall, choosing the right synonym for processing depends on the specific situation and the goal of the task.

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Usage examples for Processing

Modern data-processing techniques were applied to the Civil War for the first time when he devised a new method of cataloguing the war's battles, skirmishes, and engagements; this compilation, prepared by International Business Machines Corporation, is being used by the National and State Commissions in planning the numerous Civil War Centennial events.
"The Civil War Centennial Handbook"
William H. Price
Second to demolition wastes, the wastes of greatest volume are those created by the manufacturing and processing industries.
Nakashima, Tadashi
You'll get a list of processes, sorted according to how much of the computer's processing time they're using.
"Debian GNU/Linux: Guide to Installation and Usage"
John Goerzen and Ossama Othman

Famous quotes with Processing

  • To the extent that I considered the personal burden of harming the people who had trusted me, plus the Agency, or the United States, I wasn't processing that.
    Aldrich Ames
  • While it is true that we must seek value added industries like food processing plants and call center operations, we must do what is necessary to expand and develop our economic profile.
    Alan Autry
  • Reports also suggest that Ernst and Young and other large tax preparation firms are sending tax returns overseas for processing. But the IRS has no control over tax information once it's been sent to India or another country.
    Melissa Bean
  • Most of the people who had PCs did not have modems and could not use those PCs as communicating devices. They really were using them for spreadsheets or word processing or storing recipes or playing games or what have you.
    Steve Case
  • But I always seem to finish a book and then think, oh God, I've got to pay a tax bill, so I'd better write a novel, so I tend not to stop and learn word processing.
    Jilly Cooper

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