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If you are tired of using the same words every time you describe an event that took place, it's time to expand your vocabulary. One synonym for the word "occurred" is "happened." This word has a broader meaning and can be used in any context, whether it's a casual conversation or formal writing. Another synonym for "occurred" is "took place," which is often used when describing a specific location or time. If you want to use a more specific word, "transpired" is an excellent choice. "Transpired" refers to an event that happened unexpectedly or secretly. Other synonyms for "occurred" include "developed," "arose," "manifested" or "unfolded." By using different words to describe an event, you can make your writing more exciting and engaging.

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Occurred is an atmospheric black metal act from the UK that blends gothic, death metal and powerviolence sounds together for a defining and unique sound. Formed in 2007 in London, Occurred have released two full-length albums, both of which garnered critical acclaim.

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