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Borne is a verb that typically means to carry or support. Some synonyms for Borne include transported, conveyed, transferred, delivered, and shifted. These synonyms all refer to the movement of an object or idea from one place to another. Another set of synonyms for Borne includes endured, tolerated, or suffered. These synonyms describe a more metaphorical type of carrying, where an individual must bear a burden or hardship. Finally, Borne can also refer to something that is generated, produced, or created. In this context, some synonyms include generated, produced, created, or spawned. Overall, there are many synonyms for the word Borne depending on its usage in a particular sentence.

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    Borne is a biographical speculative fiction novella by Jonathan Lethem, published in 2008. The novel, set in a future city where the -----------------------------------------------------

    Borne is a difficult read, at times evoking the feel of Blade Runner or One Hundred Years of Solitude. You are never sure what is fact and what is fiction, and at times the layers are so thick you can scarcely see through them. The city is a fantastic creation, and the characters complex and fascinating. There is a lot to like in Borne, but it's not an easy book to get through.

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