What is another word for Achieved?

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[ ɐt͡ʃˈiːvd], [ ɐt‍ʃˈiːvd], [ ɐ_tʃ_ˈiː_v_d]

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    Synonyms for Achieved:

    How to use "Achieved" in context?

    The word "Achieved" has a few different meanings. In most cases, "achieved" means that a person or thing has reached their goal. In other cases, "achieved" can mean that a person or thing is successful in their efforts. Whether or not a person or thing has reached their goal or is successful in their efforts can depend on the context of the sentence.

    In many cases, achieving a goal means that a person has completed an objective that they set for themselves. For example, a person might achieve the goal of completing a project. Alternatively, a person might achieve the goal of winning a competition.

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