What is another word for Procured?

Pronunciation: [pɹəkjˈʊ͡əd] (IPA)

Procured, a verb commonly used in procurement, means to obtain something through deliberate and often diligent effort. Synonyms for procured include acquire, obtain, secure, buy, purchase, attain, gain, get, fetch, and collect. Each of these synonyms carries a slightly different connotation, but they all imply that the person has made an effort to obtain the item in question. Acquiring and obtaining suggest that the item was obtained through some official or formal process. Securing, fetching, and collecting suggest the item was picked up or retrieved in a more informal fashion. Regardless of which synonym is used, the implication is that the person went out of their way to obtain the desired item.

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Usage examples for Procured

When Carl went out he Procured another egg and put in one end a bit of quicksilver.
"Leo the Circus Boy"
Ralph Bonehill
Powers which can create six shillings worth in a day may be Procured in the market for three shillings, because three shillings will pay for their necessary maintenance.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae
He asked if no snow or ice could be Procured in the neighbourhood.
"The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
Paul Heyse

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