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The word 'retired' is mainly used to describe someone who has ceased working permanently. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe this phase of life. These synonyms may include 'emerged', meaning someone who has withdrawn or disengaged from an activity or a job, 'resigned', meaning someone who has voluntarily left their job due to some specific reason like ill health or better opportunities, 'concluded', meaning someone who has reached the end of a particular phase or assignment, and 'finished', meaning someone who has completed their work or career. These synonyms may provide a better understanding of the phase of life when someone is no longer working and can be used interchangeably with the word 'retired'.

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How to use "Retired" in context?

Retired people are people who have retired from their jobs. There are many different types of retired people, such as retired professionals, retired military, retired government workers, and retired teachers. retirees may live anywhere in the world.

Most retirees choose to retire because they want to spend more time with their family, or they just want to relax and enjoy their time. Some retirees continue to work part-time, and some work very little.

Retirees have many different activities they enjoy after they retire. Some retirees travel, others enjoy golf, others like to learn new things, and still others like to spend time with their friends.

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