What is another word for redbird?

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Redbird is a common term used to describe the species of cardinal birds. These birds are well-known for their bright red feathers and sweet melodies. However, there are a few other synonyms for redbird that can help to diversify your vocabulary. One of them is Northern Cardinal, which is the bird's official scientific name. Other synonyms include Virginia Cardinal and Red-pink Cardinal, which describe the different shades of red and pink that these birds can exhibit. Additionally, Cardinal Grosbeak and Red Crested Cardinal are other synonyms for the redbird that you may encounter in various contexts. Overall, these synonyms offer an interesting variety of ways to describe the beloved redbird.

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    How to use "Redbird" in context?

    Redbirds are tiny, colorful birds that live in North America. They are usually found in forests, but sometimes can be found in other areas. They are very active and like to fly around. Some redbirds can be so active that they can fly more than 430 feet into the air in one flight!

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