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The word "buzzard" refers to a bird of prey that typically feeds on carrion. Synonyms for this word include "vulture," "condor," and "eagle." These birds are often associated with death and decay, making them a symbol of both fear and fascination. In some cultures, they are revered as sacred creatures, while in others, they are seen as pests to be eradicated. Regardless of their perceived value, buzzards and their counterparts have an important role to play in the ecosystem, helping to control the spread of disease and maintaining a balance in the natural order.

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The buzzard is a bird of prey that primarily resides in the Old World. It is the primary predator of carrion, but will also feed on smaller game.

The buzzard is the heaviest hawk in the world and can take large prey items. In fact, the average buzzard can weigh up to 2.3 kg, which makes it one of the strongest hunting predators in the world.

The buzzard has a large wingspan that allows it to fly long distances and hunt prey. It can also hover in the air for a long time to search for food.

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