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The curlew is a wading bird that is often found near wetlands and coasts. This unique bird has a distinct, curved bill that sets it apart from other species of shorebirds. Interestingly, the curlew has many synonyms in different languages, reflecting its widespread presence around the world. In English, the curlew is also called whaup, numenius, or sickle-bill. In Gaelic, it is known as corra-ghrian or ciarog-luachra. Similarly, in French, the curlew is referred to as courlis. These different names reflect the distinct cultural and linguistic diversity of the regions where the curlew is found.

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Curlews are one of the most commonly seen shorebirds in North America. They are slender, long-necked birds with webbed feet and bill. They live mainly in cold, wet climates and are common along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

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