What is another word for coot?

Pronunciation: [kˈuːt] (IPA)

Coot is a word that is often used to refer to a type of water bird that is known for its distinctive appearance and behavior. However, there are many synonyms for this word that can be used to describe different aspects of this fascinating creature. Some of the most common synonyms for coot include moorhen, mud hen, water hen, and swamp hen. Each of these words can be used to describe different aspects of the coot's appearance, behavior, and habitat. Whether you are a bird-watcher or simply interested in learning more about this fascinating creature, exploring the synonyms for coot is a great way to expand your knowledge and vocabulary.

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Usage examples for Coot

To that hatch which stands on the effluent brook not far from the mere a coot or two comes now and then at night or in the early morning.
"Wild Life in a Southern County"
Richard Jefferies
The Dovecot, before it became a girls' school, was, no doubt, a pleasant English home, where "the fires wass coot," as the Highlandman said.
"The Mark Of Cain"
Andrew Lang
When you come back you be sure to coot.
"Country Neighbors"
Alice Brown

Famous quotes with Coot

  • I come from haunts of coot and hern, I make a sudden sally, And sparkle out among the fern, To bicker down a valley.

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