What is another word for renewable?

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Renewable is a term used to describe resources or energy sources that can be replenished or regenerated naturally. Synonyms for renewable include sustainable, green, eco-friendly, regenerative, recyclable, restorative, and alternative. These terms all indicate a focus on long-term environmental viability and a commitment to reducing carbon emissions and other harmful pollutants. Sustainable refers to the ability of a resource to maintain or improve its productivity over time, while green highlights the environmental benefits of using these resources. Regenerative emphasizes the ability of a resource to replenish itself, while recyclable indicates that the resource can be used over and over again. Restorative refers to the ability of a resource to restore ecosystems, and alternative describes a shift away from non-renewable energy sources.

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    Renewable means that the source of energy is renewable. Renewable energy sources can include solar, wind, tidal, hydroelectric, and biomass. Renewable energy is used to generate electric power, heat, or hot water.

    Renewable energy has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions. Renewable energy sources do not release CO2 when they function, unlike fossil fuels. When renewable energy is used, gas that would have been produced from coal, oil, or natural gas is instead used to create electricity.

    When renewable energy is generated, it usually creates more jobs than it would have eliminated.

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