What is another word for unanimous?

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[ juːnˈanɪməs], [ juːnˈanɪməs], [ j_uː_n_ˈa_n_ɪ_m_ə_s]

Unanimous is a term that refers to the complete agreement among a group of people. There are a variety of synonyms that can be used to describe this state of agreement, such as "united," "harmonious," "undivided," "concordant," and "consensual." These words all convey a similar meaning of total agreement among a group of individuals. Other synonyms for unanimous include "in one accord," "shared," "mutual," and "unalloyed." These words suggest a sense of common purpose and shared values, signaling a high degree of agreement among all parties involved. Regardless of the specific term used, unanimous agreement is a powerful force that can help to promote unity, collaboration, and effective decision-making.

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What are the opposite words for unanimous?

The word unanimous means an agreement or decision made by everyone involved. The antonyms for it are disagreement, discord, dissent, non-unanimous, and divided. In these cases, the parties involved may have differing opinions or ideas, leading to a lack of consensus. Discord and dissent indicate a strong disagreement or opposition to an idea or decision, while divided suggests that opinions may be split among a group. Non-unanimous means that not everyone is in agreement, and this could lead to compromises or alternative solutions being sought. When working in a group, it is essential to recognize and manage any opposition or disagreement to ensure a successful outcome.

Usage examples for Unanimous

The prompt assent from both must have settled Mrs. Caswell's last hope of appeal from a unanimous verdict.
"The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories"
Charles Weathers Bump
At this solemn moment, we were unanimous in our courage and our hope.
"A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas"
Fanny Loviot
A new member can only be received into the association by a unanimous vote, and after giving proofs of his merit not in word but in action.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae

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