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Litter refers to waste or rubbish that is left carelessly, cluttering up a space or environment. It can take many forms, such as cigarette butts, plastic bags, or discarded food packaging. Synonyms for litter include trash, garbage, debris, refuse, detritus, and waste. Other synonyms to consider for litter might include pollution, junk, scrap, or rubbish. All of these words connote material that is unwanted, unsightly, and potentially harmful to both people and the environment. Properly disposing of litter is essential to maintaining a clean, healthy space for all to enjoy.

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When I think about litter, I think about all of the trash that accumulates over time. From wrapper litter on the ground to empty cans and bottles to defunct electronics, litter accumulates quickly and can have a major impact on the environment and our health.

Litter is often considered something that happens in other countries, but it's actually a problem in all types of communities. Litter negatively impacts both the environment and public health by contributing to climate change, contaminating water supplies, and making it more difficult for animals to roam and hunt.

Litter also has a significant impact on personal health.

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