What is another word for saboteur?

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[ sˌabətˈɜː], [ sˌabətˈɜː], [ s_ˌa_b_ə_t_ˈɜː]

A saboteur is someone who intentionally or maliciously causes damage or destruction to property, operations or plans of an individual, group, or organization. Some synonyms for "saboteur" include troublemaker, mischief-maker, subversive, rebel, instigator, agitator, disruptor, spoiler, wrecker, and antagonist. Saboteurs can work covertly or overtly to undermine the success of their target, whether it's in personal or professional situations. In most cases, the work of saboteurs is illegal or unethical, and it involves causing harm or destruction to property or individuals. The term "saboteur" is often associated with acts of terrorism, industrial espionage, and political subversion.

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    How to use "Saboteur" in context?

    When pondering the word "saboteur," one might think of someone who sabotages organizations or devices for malicious purposes. However, the definition of saboteur can be wider in scope, including persons who undertake actions that may unintentionally, but typically unintentionally, disrupt or impaired the normal functions of an organization or device.

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