What is another word for quisling?

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The term "quisling" was coined during World War II to refer to a traitor who collaborates with an enemy force. However, there are a number of synonyms that can be used to describe such people. One common synonym is "turncoat," which refers to a person who changes their allegiance from one side to another. Another synonym is "collaborator," which indicates someone who works with an enemy force for personal gain. "Trator" is also a word used for the same context. It's important to note that these terms can carry negative connotations and should be used with care.

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How to use "Quisling" in context?

The word "quisling" is derived from the Norwegian word "kjæseling", meaning "chamberlain." It was originally used to describe someone who helped the Nazi party increase its power by serving as a tool or collaborator of the regime. Quislings were determined by their complete submission to the Nazis and their actions to protect the regime from opposition.

People who are typically thought of as quislings were not the only ones who behaved in a treasonous manner during World War II. Many people in positions of power cooperated with the Nazis in order to protect their own interests. These people were referred to as "collaborators.

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