What is another word for sabotage?

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Sabotage is a term used to describe an act of intentionally damaging, destroying, or obstructing something to cause harm or failure. There are several synonyms for the word sabotage, including subvert, undermine, disrupt, hinder, obstruct, impede, damage, and interfere. Subverting refers to undermining a system, plan, or institution from within, while undermining implies weakening the foundation to cause a breakdown. Disrupting involves interrupting the normal flow or functioning of something, and hindering means impeding or slowing down. Similarly, obstructing refers to blocking or hindering progress, and impeding refers to slowing down progress. In contrast, causing damage or interfering mean physically or intentionally causing harm or interruption to something.

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Sabotage is a term used to describe the deliberate act of interfering with or obstructing normal operations or processes with the intent to unintended destructive or harmful consequences. It most often refers to the use of destructive or disabling agents or methods with the goal of halting an enemy's offensive or strategic capabilities.

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