What is another word for guerilla?

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The term "guerilla" refers to unconventional warfare tactics, characterized by surprise attacks, sabotage, and hit-and-run tactics against a larger and more organized army. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe guerilla warfare, including unconventional warfare, asymmetrical warfare, irregular warfare, and partisan warfare. Unconventional warfare encompasses a range of tactics, ranging from sabotage and espionage to subversion and propaganda. Asymmetrical warfare refers to a situation where one side has a significant advantage over the other. Irregular warfare describes the use of unconventional tactics by irregular forces that are not part of a regular military organization. Lastly, partisan warfare describes a situation where a group of civilians or irregular fighters engage in combat against occupying forces.

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    How to use "Guerilla" in context?

    The word "guerilla" has been used to describe fighters and terrorist groups that operate in secret, often with the purpose of undermining an opponent. Guerillas have also been used to describe smallscale movements that are not part of a formal army.

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