What is another word for self-indulgence?

Pronunciation: [sˈɛlfɪndˈʌld͡ʒəns] (IPA)

Self-indulgence refers to the act of satisfying one's own desires without considering the consequences or the impact on others. Some synonyms for self-indulgence are indulgence, hedonism, gratification, decadence, excess, and luxury. Indulgence implies the enjoyment of one's own desires, whereas hedonism is the pursuit of pleasure above all else. Gratification refers to the fulfillment of one's desires, whether they are healthy or not. Decadence suggests a moral decline, and excess refers to indulging in more than what is necessary. Luxury is the enjoyment of expensive or extravagant things. All these words are synonyms of self-indulgence, but they have slightly different connotations and shades of meaning.

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What are the opposite words for self-indulgence?

Self-indulgence refers to an excessive indulgence in one's desires or pleasures, often at the expense of one's well-being or responsibility towards others. The opposite of self-indulgence can be described by terms such as self-control, self-discipline, or self-restraint. These words suggest the ability to resist temptations or impulses that may harm oneself or others. Other antonyms for self-indulgence can be selflessness, altruism, or empathy, which emphasize the importance of considering other people's needs and desires. These concepts reflect a mindset focused on balancing personal fulfillment and responsibilities towards others, advocating for moderation and balance in every aspect of life.

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Famous quotes with Self-indulgence

  • Bore children, and they stop reading. There's no room for self-indulgence or showing off or setting the scene.
    Mark Haddon
  • Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values.
    Ayn Rand
  • There is a therapy of self-indulgence and adjustment which is little more than another weapon in the arsenal of social conformity, and there is a therapy which “makes the unconscious conscious, enlarges the scope of awareness.” There is a socialization which turns curious children into adult automatons in a social environment of repressive uniformity, and there is a socialization which turns selfish, impulsive children into self-aware and deliberate participants in a larger community.
    Benjamin Barber
  • To love the carnal self means to love the body-mind. I cannot abuse my body with alcohol, stress, and self-indulgence and still claim to love my self.
    Sam Keen
  • I am not going to enter into this chapter, but you all know that this which is called—I do not much like the name, but I confess I have not a better name—"State Socialism" is what has protected us from revolutionary socialism, which is much a worse thing. Probably a considerable portion of this audience consists of men who live on weekly wages; but I ask you not to rush at the first thing that is offered you, not to believe that because a thing sounds very pleasant—like compulsory reduction, for example, of the hours of labour—do not be quite sure until you have looked round it that it may not end in leaving your condition worse than it found it. I should deplore the advance of State Socialism, though I believe much may be hoped from it. I should regard it as a great disaster, the greatest disaster that could befall this great population, if it did anything to take away your self-reliance, the control of the individual over his own appetites and passions, his own idleness and self-indulgence, and make you look to anything but self-reliance. This, in the long run, would do more harm than good.
    John Morley

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