What is another word for abstemiousness?

Pronunciation: [ɐbstˈiːmi͡əsnəs] (IPA)

Abstemiousness is the characteristic of being moderate, self-restrained, and content with less. It is a virtue that is often associated with asceticism, temperance, and frugality. Some possible synonyms for abstemiousness include sobriety, austerity, self-discipline, restraint, and self-control. These words suggest a willingness to forgo immediate pleasures in favor of long-term goals and a sense of self-mastery. Other related terms might include temperateness, moderation, prudence, and self-denial. Whether you are trying to eat less, drink less, or spend less money, cultivating the habit of abstemiousness can help you reach your goals and live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Synonyms for Abstemiousness:

What are the hypernyms for Abstemiousness?

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What are the opposite words for abstemiousness?

Abstemiousness refers to the act of moderate self-restraint in terms of food, drink or other activities. Its antonyms are terms that connote indulgence or excessiveness, such as gluttony, immoderateness, profligacy, prodigality and intemperance. While abstemiousness suggests restraint and self-control, its antonyms imply a lack of discipline and a preference for immediate gratification over long-term health and wellbeing. By contrast, individuals who embody abstemiousness are often admired for their discipline, health and longevity, whereas those who practice its antonyms are often criticized for their lack of self-control and their negative impact on themselves and others.

What are the antonyms for Abstemiousness?

Usage examples for Abstemiousness

Of true Puritan abstemiousness, his only indulgence was chewing tobacco.
"The Crisis, Volume 4"
Winston Churchill
The contrast between his evident indulgence and the previous abstemiousness of her late guest struck her unpleasantly.
"Sally Dows and Other Stories"
Bret Harte
But with Miller's eye on them, and the example of Diogenes and the Captain before them, the rest of the crew exercised an abstemiousness which would have been admirable, had it not been in a great measure compulsory.
"Tom Brown at Oxford"
Thomas Hughes

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