What is another word for abstinence?

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Abstinence is the practice of self-restraint or avoiding a particular behavior or substance. Some synonyms for abstinence include temperance, self-control, self-denial, and refraining. Abstention is another synonym that refers to the act of not partaking in an activity or substance. Some other possible synonyms for abstinence include moderation, sobriety, asceticism, and teetotalism. These varying words all relate to the idea of controlling impulses or avoiding certain actions to achieve specific goals or outcomes. Abstinence is often practiced in contexts such as addiction recovery, religious observance, and personal growth and self-improvement.

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How to use "Abstinence" in context?

Abstinence is the practice of not engaging in sexual activity. Sexual abstinence means abstaining from all types of sexual activity including kissing, touching, and sexual intercourse. Sexual abstinence is often part of religious beliefs or spiritual practices. There are many benefits to sexual abstinence, including increased sexual self-awareness, healthier relationships, and stronger self-reliance.

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