What is another word for abstinence?

Pronunciation: [ˈabstɪnəns] (IPA)

Abstinence is the practice of self-restraint or avoiding a particular behavior or substance. Some synonyms for abstinence include temperance, self-control, self-denial, and refraining. Abstention is another synonym that refers to the act of not partaking in an activity or substance. Some other possible synonyms for abstinence include moderation, sobriety, asceticism, and teetotalism. These varying words all relate to the idea of controlling impulses or avoiding certain actions to achieve specific goals or outcomes. Abstinence is often practiced in contexts such as addiction recovery, religious observance, and personal growth and self-improvement.

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Abstinence is the act of self-restraint from certain activities or indulgences. Its opposite is indulgence or excess - the act of indulging in something without self-restraint. Another antonym for abstinence is intemperance, which refers to lack of moderation or self-control. Hedonism is also an antonym for abstinence, which refers to the pursuit of pleasure and sensual gratification without any restrictions or limitations. Sensuality and licentiousness are two other antonyms for abstinence, which involve the pursuit of sensual pleasures without any regard for moral principles or social norms. The antonyms of abstinence highlight the contrast between self-restraint and unrestrained indulgence, moderation and excess, and moral principles and sensual gratification.

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Usage examples for Abstinence

Monsieur Batonnin did not fail to be on hand when the leader of the orchestra gave the signal for the dancing to begin, and the girl had no choice but to accept him for her partner; indeed, it mattered little to her with whom she danced; what she would have liked would have been not to dance at all; but, as she was the hostess's sister, that was impossible; too many people would have inquired the reason for her abstinence, and it would have worried her father and annoyed her sister.
"Monsieur Cherami"
Charles Paul de Kock
In 1826, he founded a Total abstinence Temperance Society, to the tenets of which he rigidly adhered during the whole of his life, deprecating the use of alcohol, even in the preparation of the tinctures of the apothecary.
"The History of the Medical Department of Transylvania University"
Robert Peter
In England the abstinence and the permanence have been attained, and it is noteworthy that they are both secured by the force of opinion hardening into tradition, and not by the sanction of law.
"The Government of England (Vol. I)"
A. Lawrence Lowell

Famous quotes with Abstinence

  • Complete abstinence is easier than perfect moderation.
    Saint Augustine
  • To many, total abstinence is easier than perfect moderation.
    Saint Augustine
  • Half the vices which the world condemns most loudly have seeds of good in them and require moderate use rather than total abstinence.
    Samuel Butler
  • I learned very early that our health is always impaired by some excess either of food or abstinence, and I never had any physician except myself.
    Giacomo Casanova
  • There is a great deal of political pressure to only talk about abstinence, and to deny support for condoms and education on using them. This policy will lead to the unnecessary deaths of many people.
    Hillary Clinton

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