What is another word for debauchery?

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Debauchery, which refers to excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures, has some synonyms that similarly connote unbridled sensuality and lack of restraint. Words or expressions that can substitute for debauchery include hedonism, licentiousness, dissipation, lechery, depravity, profligacy, and revelry, among others. These words suggest a wide range of behaviors and activities that involve excessive enjoyment of physical or sensual pleasures, such as drinking, gambling, promiscuity, or gluttony. However, they also imply a certain disregard for morality, ethics, or responsibility, which can lead to negative consequences or societal disapproval. While using synonyms can add variety and depth to communication, it is essential to choose the most appropriate term for the context and audience to convey the intended meaning accurately.

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How to use "Debauchery" in context?

Much has been written about debauchery, from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the poets, philosophers and artists who have followed in their wake. But what is debauchery, exactly? Webster's Dictionary defines debauchery as "a state of moral depravity; a passionate disregard of social propriety; lasciviousness." This word can be used in many ways, but typically it refers to the act of violating social norms and indulging in illicit, licentious behavior. Debauchery can take many forms, from sexual immorality to general lawlessness.

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