What is another word for will?

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[ w_ˈɪ_l], [ wˈɪl], [ wˈɪl]

Synonyms for Will:

command (noun) courage (noun) desire (noun) eastern poison oak (noun) free will (noun) intention (noun) resolve (noun)
  • fixed purpose.
say-so (noun) strength (noun) willpower (noun) word (noun) choose eastern poison oak leave like may Other synonyms: resolve shall

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Rhymes for Will:

  1. fill, brill, drill, nil, ill, gill, mil, hill, mill, frill, till, pill, quill, trill, grille, sill, chill, swill, skill, dill, rill, spill, thrill, grill, shrill, still, bill, twill, il;
  2. instill, distill, brazil, refill, fulfill, distil, uphill, bastille, goodwill, seville;

Quotes for Will:

  1. If we follow the traditional way of thought, there will always be traditional enemies. Extremist circles from both sides will find causes to give rise to problems. Fatos Nano.
  2. Experience has shown, and a true philosophy will always show, that a vast, perhaps the larger portion of the truth arises from the seemingly irrelevant. Edgar Allan Poe.
  3. According to your sympathy, you will take pleasure in your own happiness or in the happiness of other people; but it is always your own happiness you seek. John Buchanan Robinson.

Idioms of Will:

  1. worth of a thing is what it will bring;
  2. have sth, will travel;
  3. accidents will happen;