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Temperance is a term often associated with moderation, self-control, and restraint. There are several synonyms that can be used for this word, including sobriety, prudence, abstinence, restraint, and self-discipline. All of these synonyms emphasize the importance of controlling one's thoughts, words, and actions, in order to achieve a desired goal or outcome. Sobriety and abstinence, for instance, have connotations of refraining from alcohol and drugs, whereas prudence and self-discipline may be more focused on decision-making and personal behavior. In any case, all of these synonyms speak to the need for thoughtful and measured action, rather than impulsive or excessive behavior.

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What are the opposite words for temperance?

Antonyms for the word "temperance" include words such as indulgence, excess, immoderation, intemperance, and lack of restraint. These words all suggest behaviors or attitudes that are characterized by a lack of self-control, discipline, or moderation. Indulgence, for example, refers to the act of giving into one's desires or passions without restraint, while excess implies a state of being in which one goes beyond what is necessary or appropriate. Immoderation suggests a lack of balance or reason, while intemperance implies a level of excessiveness that cannot be easily controlled. Overall, these antonyms suggest a departure from the virtues of temperance and self-control.

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Usage examples for Temperance

Many good friends of temperance are the reluctant opponents of legislation which they desire in theory but which would only be trampled upon in practice, because public opinion would rebel against the law.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus"
G. A. Chadwick
Silas produced a flask from his pocket, and while Tug was mixing the contents with sugar, by means of stirring them together with a spoon in a tumbler, making a cheerful, tinkling sound the while, he delivered a stirring temperance lecture to his companion.
"The Mystery of the Locks"
Edgar Watson Howe
During the first year, from this place went out the call for the organization of the Women's Christian temperance Union.
"Ethel Morton at Chautauqua"
Mabell S. C. Smith

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