What is another word for servers?

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Servers are integral to the functioning of computing systems. They store, manage, and distribute data and applications across networks. Synonyms for servers include hosts, nodes, workstations, and mainframes. Hosts refer to computers that are connected to a network and allow the transfer of data. Nodes are networked devices that process and distribute data. Workstations are standalone computers used for high-performance tasks. Mainframes are large computer systems that handle complex processing and storage. Additionally, synonyms for servers can include terms such as cloud servers, virtual machines, and dedicated hosting. These synonyms represent the various types of servers that are used in modern computing.

How to use "Servers" in context?

Servers are computer systems that are designed to provide continuity of operations for a network. Servers are used by businesses and individuals to store data, run applications, and provide other services. They can be used in a data center, a remote office, or at home. Servers come in a variety of sizes and prices, and they can be either desktop or rack-mounted.

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